Step Up and Play Big by Chris Ruisi - Book review

Step Up And Play Big

Unlock Your Potential to Be Exceptional in 8 Simple Steps

By: Chris Ruisi

Published: June 26, 2012
Format: Hardcover, 158 pages
ISBN-10: 1599323168
ISBN-13: 978-1599323169
Publisher: Advantage Media Group

"My personal belief is some people spend way too much time thinking and considering versus acting to make something happen", writes speaker and nationally recognized leadership expert Chris Ruisi, in his motivational and very concise book Step Up And Play Big: Unlock Your Potential to Be Exceptional in 8 Simple Steps. The author describes how it doesn't take a huge effort to step up and play big, and shares his simple and proven strategies for being exceptional in all areas of your life.

Chris Ruisi recognizes that for many people, the easiest path is to sit in the safety of the middle, and not move beyond that comfort zone. To overcome the inertia of mediocrity, the author presents a simple, and readily understood system for achieving success. Chris Ruisi shares eight steps, that anyone can take, toward breaking free of the ordinary, and for entering into the realm of the extraordinary.

For the author, the steps from that area of comfort are what he calls the stretch point. As the person stretches and moves forward, their bar for achievement is raised, and raised again, with each additional stretching exercise. Instead of viewing challenges as obstacles, Chris Ruisi recasts them as opportunities for people to display their inborn greatness.

Chris Ruisi (photo left) understands that even with a simple system for stepping up and playing big, the individual must still take the initiative to move forward. The author points out that the process only works if the person works the process. To help guide the reader toward stepping up and playing big, Chris Ruisi presents each of his eight principles as simply and as engagingly as possible.

With the concepts made accessible and doable for anyone, the author provides the individual with every opportunity possible for the achievement of success and personal growth. the eight pillars of stepping up and playing big are as follows:

* To step up and play big, start with a vision
* To step up and play big you need to find your full capabilities
* To step up and play big, you have to fight distractions
* To step up and play big requires knowing what leadership is and isn't
* To step up and play big means you know how to use leadership
* To step up and play big requires new or better habits
* To step up and play big means handling the tough stuff
* To step up and play big, you must stay focused to make the right decisions

For me, the power of the book is how Chris Ruisi combines his philosophy of stepping up and playing big with the simple and readily applicable steps to make it a reality. The author provides a complete process for becoming the exceptional person that anyone can be, through a proven set of principles. Unlike many programs that require learning very difficult exercises that discourage the person, this book presents a very simple series of concepts and activities. The exercises are readily understood and can be readily applied at any time.

The key, as always, is to actually do the activities. Chris Ruisi uses sports examples to motivate the individual to achieve their own excellence. Chris Ruisi is refreshing as an author, as he gets right down to business, and shares his points immediately. This directness and straight forward approach gives the reader the incentive to get going with the process, and stepping up and playing big, right away.

I highly recommend the straight talking and readily accessible book Step Up And Play Big: Unlock Your Potential to Be Exceptional in 8 Simple Steps by Chris Ruisi, to anyone seeking a simple, realistic, and proven approach to breaking away from mediocrity and achieving excellence in all aspects of their lives. This book will get you going, and moving forward to achieving the success you deserve.


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